Just in Highlights Video is ABNQE!

This is YOUR weekly sneak peek of what's just in at the store this week! Remember everything goes out Wednesday morning on the Just In rack by the front door. And next week...it starts again.


This week: You ask - what is ABNQE? Well - it’s “Almost But Not Quite Epic”. There you have it. ABNQE it is this week. Close, but no cigar. Rack is packed with great items, lots new with tags, great boots including new Ugg boots, Frye classic moto boots, Sorel and more! Odds and Ends includes fun stuff too. And coats are coming in - ready for when it cools down (or our mornings - already cool). Not to be missed. Why? Because it’s ABNQE!!!!


For those who missed this Spin the Wheel much fun was had! We learned great words like Dog, Ladybug and a real challenge - Tide. I personally have expanded my sign language vocabulary from Cat, Thank You, Good Morning, and No (an important word let me tell you when communicating with my German Shepherd Dog who seems to know the word and uses it against me) to at least five more - all in one day! Thank you to Sunny who googled words she didn't know and taught us all.