The Clothes Mine is dedicated to carrying a variety of quality items that are in excellent condition from a range of brands and designer labels. Our goal is to get you the best price and move items as fast as possible. Present your clothes in their best possible condition - it will help us sell them faster and for more $.  


The Clothes Mine is located at 4300 Kipling in Wheat Ridge. 

Once you sign up as a consignor, we will create a computer account for you and add your items. You can request a list of your items to be emailed to you. You can also access your account balance and items sold online. Ask us about both services. 

While we welcome your input on pricing and do our best to strive for the best sale possible, we price based on the best selling price we can get. This can vary by year, season, and online versus in-store. 

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We take: 

  • Women's clothing
  • Women's accessories
  • Men's clothing
  • Men's accessories
  • Unopened cosmetics
  • Purses - Fashion purses must be new or nearly new. Brand name purses in good condition with minimal wear and staining
  • Quality costume jewelry or sterling silver jewelry
  • Home decor items like lamps, side and end tables, chairs, pictures, wall decorations, outside decorations, and framed art

We do not accept used hats, lingerie, or socks. 

Please use these tips when selecting and preparing your items for consignment:

All items must be classic or current fashion (If you bought it in the last year - it's probably good), or good-quality vintage, CLEAN, free of rips and tears, and in excellent condition. Items can be folded neatly in a box, basket, or shopping bag or on hangers. 

Remember: The better you make your clothes look, the more we can sell them for, and the more you make. 

Season Schedules (Changed Due to COVID):

  • March-May: Spring and Summer clothing and home decor
  • June - August: ONLY Home Decor and Men's
  • September - November: Fall and Winter clothing and home decor
  • December - February: ONLY Home Decor and Men's

How it works:

  • We accept consignments by appointment only due to social distancing requirements. If you can’t make it during our allotted appointment times, call us and we can find another time. 
  • All items will be stored for 2-3 days prior to processing, this is the recommended time to remove the possibility of the virus residing on clothing.
  • We price your items approximately 25% to 40% of retail price depending on condition. Excellent condition and strong seller - that price goes up. Not great condition it goes down. 
  • Consignors receive 40% of the selling price of consigned items within that 90-day period in a computerized account. We reserve the right to markdown items for various sales at any time. 
  • If store credit is used for a purchase within the store, the consignor will receive a 25% bonus on top of their store credit (this works to 20% of sale price).
  • Checks can be issued for $25 or more, but it is up to the consignor to request and pick up any funds due. We print checks only on Mondays now - please call the week prior if you wish to pick up a check the following week. If checks are mailed, a $1 fee will be charged prior to printing the check. Please confirm your account mailing address when you request a mailed check. 
  • Inactive accounts (12 months with no activity - no new items brought in, no in-store purchases, etc.) will automatically be deleted, including all funds.