The Clothes Mine

Consignment Drop Off - For Existing Consignors Only

LIMITED TO 25 ITEMS AT A TIME (See note below)

With Drop Offs we donate anything we don't accept for sale in the store. If you don't wish your items that we don't take to be donated, please book a consult appointment instead.

PREP: Neatly fold and pack your items in a box or sturdy bag or bring them on hangers (we can swap them out to our store hangers). No Garbage Bags! Remember presentation is everything! If your items are heavily wrinkled, they will be immediately donated. Items in garbage bags are not only hard to look at, but they are frequently heavily wrinkled and are just donated. We do not accept wrinkled items. All items must be presented as ready to go on the floor to be sold. 

NOTE: Due to a high volume of largely donate-only items, we are now limiting drop offs to 25 items at a time. Also note that if we donate 70% ore more of what you drop off you will no longer be permitted to drop off. We simply can't handle a high volume of donate-only drop-offs. We cannot stress enough that we are not a donation center - we are a consignment store. 

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