Just In September 19th

This is YOUR weekly sneak peek of what's just in at the store this week! Remember everything goes out Wednesday morning on the Just In rack by the front door. And next week...it starts again.


This week: Ok great sweaters and cardigans and jackets. If you're looking for crossbody options - tonight has some. Also a white purse. Like a unicorn, the white purse. And tonight it's here. Alongside the one and only Disney travel pillow - which almost tops of our Disney selection - but I put out some new stuffed animals and I can't say they haven't brightened the place up. We've got Peter Rabbit, beer stein / mugs / beer steins (your choice) and a Brahmin purse that is worth looking at.


Yes, yes we're having a Spin the Wheel this month - it's been too long! It'll be on September 23rd, which is International Day of Sign Languages. Which means that yes - you will be learning a sign! We taught you about Canada Day - well now it's sign language!