The Clothes Mine

Consignment Consultation


If you do not wish to donate anything I will not accept, please book this appointment right here! I will look at your items while you wait. Some take this as a time to shop or catch up on news! If you can't make the times listed, please call me to work out another time - I know that not everyone's work schedule matches mine. 

We currently do consignment appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I will also do the occasional appointment on Saturdays but you need to set that day up direct with me as it depends on when I am in and have staff to support me. 

NOTE: If you are an existing consignor and happy for me to donate anything I don't take book a Consignment Drop-Off Appointment instead! You can literally run in, drop off your items (leave your name) and run out. I've seen some people do it in five minutes or less! 

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