Dresses! one clothing decision done!

Summer Sale!

I've got too many dresses. So this month, if it looks like a dress, talks like a dress, is a dress - it's ON SALE! 50% off the original price this month only. Dresses are simple - one clothin decision and you're done. Cool. Comfortable. Easy. Get gussied up at The Clothes Mine! Ridiculous prices! Half off already ridiculous prices means you can take home more than one!

Summer is Officially Here

Yep - time to think of fall....

This year is different - we didn't wear anything do anything go anywhere last fall. Too hot outside? Head on in and tackle your fall wardrobe because chances are it's two years out-of-date! Bring in the oldl. Buy some new.

Fall is Coming!

Get Ready!

Now is the time to start going through your stored clothes, revisit your closet, and selecting those items you don't want to wear this year. A wardrobe refresh is needed more than ever this year, as let's be honest, last year was bust. So get your things together! Appointments for consignment will start by end of this month. Call early to get on the list!

Just on the floor! This Week! Sneak Peek!

Just In This Week!

Just in October 19th is in!

 Best of the best as always. Great fuzzy jackets, vintage velour skirts and jackets, Brighton bags, boots by Sole and booties by Cobb Hill. Great s...

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Where I'm At...

A quick update! I've closed the Golden store of course, in June, due to the pandemic killing revenue and not being able to main rent, payroll, and ...

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