The Clothes Mine was originally a small tourist town store. It operated in Golden, Colorado for nearly 10 years. I bought it in 2018, planning on continuing the tradition of a tiny consignment store in a bustling tourist town. In 2019 I opened the Wheat Ridge store to better handle the intake of consignment and offer more selection to locals, while hand picking certain items for the Golden "baby" store. 

And then COVID changed everything.

Tourism dried up and maintaining two stores through a pandemic became - well - frightening. In June 2020 downsized into the Wheat Ridge location and focused on getting through the pandemic on my own (but I soooo miss my staff and it broke my heart to let them go). 

What makes me different from boutiques or chains? Me! I inspect each item personally, so I can choose a range of styles and fashions and am not dictated by a brand list. If I really really like something - I'm taking it. That may be an acid-wash jumper from the 80s or a Target shirt. I like it, it's in good shape, it gets a chance at a new life. 



The Clothes Mine physically is located at 4300 Kipling in Wheat Ridge, Colorado just off the I70 (Kipling and 44th is the closest intersection). 

The store is a bright and spacious 3,000 sq ft of women's fashion and accessories, a smaller selection of men's clothing and accessories (I need more men consignors!), and home decor. And me! 

It has lots of space for social distancing (or avoiding me), a hand sanitizing station at the front door and the checkout, and open wide aisles to move around. 


Sunday & Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - Friday - 11am to 6pm
Saturday - 11am to 5pm


Facebook Live! - Yep - you can generally find me every week on Tuesday evenings somewhere between 6 and 7pm mountain time. I do my best to be entertaining or at least not a droning voice in your ear while I give you a sense of what came in during the week to the store. Some of these items will end up online - not all - so check it out for a more thorough review of what's in stock. It will include some men's and some home decor! 

Instagram - My Instagram focuses on one-of-a-kind items and my hand picked best of the best! I do my best to post just in items regularly so you have the latest and greatest or just sometimes my "eek, I love this" posts. 

Poshmark - Some things end up on the Poshmark closet @TheClothesMine. Again - this will be a different assortment - including some men's and home decor. 

Online Shop - You're here! No link needed! This site is slowly morphing into a curated selection of my favorites. Posting to the online store takes a lot of time and energy - so I am saving that investment for the items I really am passionate about. It'll include a mix of items including some jewelry, purses, and more! Stay tuned as it continues to update and check back often as I continue to revamp it's layout for 2021! 

Email Newsletter - You can sign up for my incredibly sporadic and inconsistent email newsletter on the home page of this site or click the link and send me an email. I will never spam you, largely bc I don't have time to do so. I will barely update you - you're better off following Facebook or Instagram for that. But I do try to get out a regular update for those who are like me (I admit it) and not on the social platforms on a regular basis. 


Interested in Consigning With Us?

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