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A quick update! I've closed the Golden store of course, in June, due to the pandemic killing revenue and not being able to main rent, payroll, and maintenance on two stores without full revenue. Fancy that. Saddest for me I had to lay off all my staff. Now I'm ensconced in Wheat Ridge waiting out the pandemic like an apocalyptic survivor! 

It sounds fancier and more exciting than it is. Though I have to say I do enjoy being back in the store more regularly and seeing all my consignors again - and meeting new ones! 

And I now have a rather intense view of everything in the store, the economy, the road ahead, and what it means for The Clothes Mine. 

Which brings me to my update today. 

I've been working with a local marketing business to revamp my online store and get some focus from trying to do it all. Surprisingly to me (to no one else) I am unable to do it all. I've admitted defeat and am re-working my plans with a more targeted focus. I'll be building out a new website AND new online social campaigns that I can manage on my own for the next six months as I wait out this pandemic. Alone. Here. By myself. 

Do stop by. If you can. I'm waiting here for you. 


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I have several items from all seasons. Are you currently taking clothes?
Kristine Disney

Kristine Disney August 24, 2021

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