Prepping Your Clothes for Consignment

You've gone through your closet and decided what you don't want to keep - now what? 

First - congrats! I know I've been putting off cleaning out my closet for years. I look at it, I look away. So great job! 

Next, you want to separate your clothes into three core piles:

  • New w/ Tags or Wore it Once: If you didn't even get the tags off the item or only wore it once (or tried it on and took it right off again - I do that), and you bought it in the last couple of years - congrats! this is likely your top dollar pile! 
  • Gently Worn Items: This is everything else that you wore 2-3 times and you're not sure on the status. 
  • T-shirts, jeans with worn hems, jeans "altered", socks, undergarments.

Let's now go back and look at your first pile. If it's new w/ tags, do a quick checkover, make sure nothing is damaged or dirty (it happens in a closet even) and set that in a tote or bag, or put on / keep on hangers and set aside. Next you want to go through your tag-less items that you might have only worn once. Pick up each item and check it carefully, is it freshly laundered or been sitting for a month or more? Did you try it on once and leave deodorant marks inside or wear it out and the dog jumped on you and left a dirty paw print? If it looks like it needs a refresh - set aside for laundering and touch ups. 

If it makes sense, start creating two more piles - one for delicate or hand wash items and one for regular wash items. 

Move on to your next pile of gently worn items. Take a bit more time on these. Test zippers, check seams (particularly hip and thigh and underarm seams which can take some wear), hold items up to the light and review for any holes or stains inside and out. Look at the inside of clothing for deodorant marks as well.

TIP: A few drops of Dawn dish detergent prior to washing can usually eliminate most grease stains

Anything that just needs a wash / freshen up, put in the appropriate laundry pile. If you can, repair anything that is in your wheelhouse (fix a loose button, etc.). If you can't, it has to go in your final "discard" pile with the t-shirts, jeans with worn hems, etc.

You're done! Now just wash up your items and get them ready to drop off! We recommend bringing your clothes on hangers or neatly folded in a tote / bag. 

And don't forget your discard pile - this can still be worth taking to a thrift store where they will bale items they can't sell for further recycling. 

REMEMBER: The better your clothes look - the higher price we can get for you! 

All done? Book Your Consignment Appointment Now! 


Can I set up an appointment to bring in some clothes. Thank you Sarah

Gayle Bookout February 16, 2023

I have long dresses that my girls wore to homecomings and proms which have been worn once. Do you take long dresses?

Donna Murray August 24, 2021

Do you take clothes based on season, and if so when do you stop taking winter items and shift to spring?

Eli Doerr January 16, 2021

Hi! I was wondering if you’re taking clothes right now?
Thank You

Roxy December 15, 2020

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