When You Give a Bear Sunglasses...

When you run a consignment store, things always surprise you. It's my favorite thing about it - it's new things, new styles, and new choices every day. All of our consignors have unique items and fun finds. Vintage purple mohair coats to patchwork booties to the ring that was meant to be mine. It's all interesting. It's all great. 

But a few weeks back it was something new. I was unpacking some bags of clothes and saw some fur in the bag. I assumed it was a faux fur hat or vest. And then I pulled out....bear.

We all have moments in our lives where we feel we've crossed a line into super special. Bear is that. I put him on the wall, staff added sunglasses, and he was ours just like that. #clothesminebear was born. 

People started asking about bear. Taking pictures of bear. Wanting to buy bear. But bear was in our hearts. When you give a bear sunglasses, after all....

But all was not lost....bear - like all animals you don't want to lose - has a tag on him. He was handmade by someone with love. And I love to do Internet research. How perfect was that?

Didn't take long and I found Bear's maker on Etsy - then stalked him via email. And now...oh yeah...Bear is going to have family coming. Meet....



Bear's Cousin Bear (but not really Bear)

bears cousins



We're excited to have them join our family. 

We're doing renovations next week - so stop by to see the full family after Feb 18th. Check back for our open times. 

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