What Consignment Means to Us

Consignment is at heart (or so it seems to me) about the people. It's about the relationship with the consignors, the clothes, and the shoppers. For us being a 'family' is important - we're a small town store now on the third owner. But the first owner owns the store next door and consigns here, and the second owner is also a consignor and part-time employee. We feel strongly about maintaining that history and relationships.

But consignment has become more than that. In a time when garbage overflows are lands and climate change is a fact. Suddenly consignment matters on another level that matters to me. Many moons ago I wrote a thesis on Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics. I care about clothing and clothing processes.

Fast fashion has hurt our world more than most of know or would like to admit. It won't necessarily be stopped by one blog from me or the very clear video I link below from the economist. But at the very least hopefully it gives you a moment to consider buying quality clothes and consigning them or buying consigned clothing before considering fast fashion.

The side news is that we rarely can take on consignment fast fashion. The problem with a lot of those clothes is that they are poorly made using poor quality fabrics. They're built not to last. They're destined for garbage.

I think it's a time when we can think of buying less clothes, more quality clothes, and then consigning them.

Check out the economist's video:



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