Inspiration & Tips for Closet Cleaning while Social Distancing

Now is the time to get organized! Spending more time inside means you can focus on projects that will help to bring much needed relief and a sense of control back into your life. Once we have the physical and mental space cleared out we can then focus on the next chapter of YOU! This is the perfect spring project and what better time than now to get started on it. 

Follow our simple guide to find your way to a refreshed closet:

Step 1 - Breathe 

Walk into the space & take a deep breath. Yes, just breathe. Whether it is a bedroom, closet or even your garage (no judging, we all have overflow) the task may at first seem daunting. Take a minute to reflect on that fact and assure yourself that you will feel AMAZING once it is done! Taking a moment to reflect on the action and acknowledging your feelings before beginning will go a long way! 

Step 2 - This is Business 

Assure yourself that this act of purging does NOT have to be emotional. We humans do have a natural tendency to make our "stuff" about US. This is whether we purchased it or were gifted it or inherited it. Make a mental note of that and then treat it more like a business negotiation. Let's talk facts and get this done! The other side of this business is that the things that you are purging can also be turned into $$ towards your new & improved closet while supporting a sustainable fashion cycle. This literally means that you get to feel great about more than one part of this purge! So please SAVE the purged items ff to the side. We will address what to do with them in the next blog post! 

Step 3 - Purge Everything Not Worn in One Year or You Don’t LOVE

Spare yourself the reasoning of WHY you haven't used it or worn it. It doesn't matter if it's because it doesn't fit or it was given as a gift. *If you find yourself beginning down a rabbit hole of shaming yourself in any way then STOP! We are all dynamic creatures and our bodies are always changing as well as our idea of self & style. If you would like to make personal changes regarding health then be please DO but not from a negative place or ideal. As of this specific moment in time you are wiser and more dynamic than anytime in your life before. Take a moment to thank yourself for that and celebrate the opportunity to act. The FACT is that if an item has not been used or doesn't make you smile THEN it's time to let it go.

Step 3b - Take Breaks

Continue to reassure yourself through the process, this does NOT have to be an emotional act! This will potentially become more difficult as you get closer to the light at the end of the closet-cleaning. Take breaks to breathe, have a cup of tea, and pat yourself on the back for staying so calm and cool during this process.


Step 5 - What’s In Your Closet Now?

Dare I say, It's time to high-five yourself because you ROCK! The best part of this process, besides shedding the physical and emotional weight of STUFF and becoming more efficient, is that we now have space for reinvention! Time to decide WHO you want to be in this next chapter!

  • Would you like to look more put-together on the daily or more professional?
  • DO you want to dress more like a boss so you feel more like a boss?
  • Do you need more clothes appropriate to start your new exercise routine or hobby?
  • Would you like to wear more skirts & dresses and feel more femme?
  • Do you want to feel fierce in jeans that fit your beautiful body JUST right!?!
Time to contact us so we can support YOU! 

I look forward to seeing you & fitting/styling you soon! Stay tuned for what to do with your purged items in our next post! 


Tara Porter

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