Pewter Ornaments & Figurines

We were on the lookout for some Christmas ornaments - and loved some pewter snowflakes we found. The same artist makes a Christmas angel that is stunning. Further investigation revealed that he also makes some super cute animal figurines.

His process is to sculpt them in wax and then cast them.

The bunny in particular is super cute:

Walker Boyle Bunny Figurine

And then there is the pig. Which really you don't need to say anything else about:

Walker Boyle Pig Figurine

But my favorite is the raccoon. For those of you that don't know me in person or well - I once ran a wildlife center. Me and the raccoon - we're close. Not friends by any means, but I have a healthy respect for the creatures. It's tough out there for a raccoon!

Walker Boyle Raccoon Figurine

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