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I went down a rabbit hole tonight. Fitting - as I think the purse belongs in Alice in Wonderland - it's that awesome. It's a gorgeous faux fur that is so subtle and shiny it can't be missed. Then - surprise! The interior and strap is a soft polka dot as shown below.

B's Polka Dot Purse


Backtrack a bit - and one of the things we do here at The Clothes Mine is research. We get in a purse or article of clothing and we do what the world does - we google it. This helps us ascertain value and pricing. We check if it's selling online in new or used condition, how recent it is, could it be called vintage, etc.

Tonight I went looking for this purse. I'm a master googler (I say so, so it's true) and I tried multiple search terms. This purse has only a small tag on the bottom side that says B's. That's it.

I tried that as a name. I tried faux fur with polka dots. I tried pretty much everything. Then...I found this:

IIt was super grainy and felt 90s (but 2008?) and slightly eerie. This brand of purse party doesn't exist anymore. But it's fascinating to watch and understand that this purse - this super awesome purse of softness - came from that.

II for one am proud of this purse' heritage. It's well made and great materials - so the brand was on to quality. But sadly - it's no more. It's just a piece of history now.

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