Betsy Johnson Shoes That Don't Fit Me...

One of the challenges of consignment is being - well - consignment. Either you find something, or more likely your customers find something, and it's just love at first sight. And then the dreaded question is asked: "do you have this in size xxx".
We get really great stuff all the time and even I sigh when the impossibility of it fitting me is the reality.
These shoes - one of the first things I coveted (ok there is a pair of silky green kitten heels that I never got a pic of - if you're out there - and I know you are - share). I really really wanted them to be mine. But we have a rather vast size discrepancy that can't be overcome. They're a dusty pink that may not come across, a block heel (I stumble - I need block). And the embellishments are so awesome. I would be wearing these right now if it wasn't for the killer fact that they are about 3 sizes to small for me (ok - four). 
But I can honestly say, as the owner of this consignment store - I'm still really happy when they go on to "be mine" with someone else. Things deserve people. Someone deserves these. I'll find that someone for these shoes someday. Until then - I get to worship them from afar.

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