First things first. Technically, I am not a shopper. It stuns certain people who know me that I, now, own a store. A retail store. Where people show up and buy things. I confess that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of my life - because I hate to shop. I do. I hate malls. I don't go to them. I haven't been in one in years and if I do go it's a "moment". I have to prep.

Why then did I buy a consignment store? Why then do I like "shopping" for the store?

I think it's because it's for people. I like to help people. People who need to do something with their clothes. People who are happy to enjoy those clothes.

As women I think whether we are shoppers or not - we all know clothing is a challenge. We buy things in the moment (or in my case online) and then find out it's not quite what we thought it was going to be. It's not that it is not awesome. It is. It's just not awesome for us.

It's why Cinderella is such a classic - and I'll probably refer to it time and again. We all get that moment when the shoe doesn't fit and then we so GET when it fits like a glove.

I've shared this with my husband on multiple occasions. And even if I am not a shopper and not even a typical "woman" I share this one trait - I get it. Shopping is something because the elation when something works crosses all of us. Whether we are extroverts or introverts or whatever verts. When we get something that works, that makes us feel better, that makes us believe we are better - that is what matters.

Men may not get that. But even if I'm not a "shopper" I get that. I get great satisfaction out of seeing a woman in my store find something that is just incredible and it FITS. And it makes them look awesome.

That is why I love my store. I like to see happy people. People who discovered something and it made them happy. That is what consignment can do. If I can do something small like take in consignment or shop for fun sunglasses or find U.S. artists who make fun stuff that is amazing - then I will do that.

The world needs happy woman. Woman deserve to be happy.

I just want to contribute a tiny bit to that. I hope I do.

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I see you on facebook and I am in Kansas City. do you ship stuff if I buy it? do you have these sunglasses with the little pink flowers on them?!!!

suzi May 07, 2019

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