New. Always. Fresh.

I have to say it's easy to never get bored with a consignment shop. Years ago I worked at Canadian Tire in the warehouse and I loved getting the bins of new items, sorting, and tagging them.

That is the consignment store.

Every week it's new merchandise, new exciting items, new stuff. I don't shop (read prior posts on that) but I love to see other people's shopping. What's well loved (even if I can't take it bc it's a bit too well loved) and what's a dream that didn't work out.

Often it's great fabric, style, cut, or color. It grabs our attention and we really truly hope it'll work. Because it's awesome - maybe it'll be awesome for us. And it's not. And then it comes to me.

Like these booties. Burgundy. Suede and leather. Amazing? Anyone? Anyone?

Totally amazing.

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