Just In Highlights January 17th!

This week is all about purses. We have a ton of great handbags, including one I covet - but I’m letting it go. Sorta. Cowboy boots, fun sneakers, and more. This week I was late (Becky got me going on re-arranging and I tore the store apart…come see it!) and then had to get out early (snowstorm - I obviously arrived alive - but it was a long slow drive home). Always fun stuff, but I forgot in the re-arrangement and rush to get cat food and my cat food delivery did not arrive. Who is mad at me??? Seren. That’s who. But we soldier on. Tomorrow give us a ring before heading in if the roads are bad - we may not make it in right away. Also Spin the Wheel is the last Saturday in the month - hope to see you then!