The "Last" Just In Highlight's Video

 I will be closing The Clothes Mine doors on August 23rd. As a result I will be taking on small consignments as people want to bring them in. This will then be the last official Just In Highlights' Video. I will do other short announcements prior to closing - but this is the end of an era. 

I will miss you. But I miss my family more (not all of them - let's be honest here). I want to be free to have a life. As many of you know - I have another job. Two full-time jobs has been a lot. It's been a labor of love to stay at the store - but now my lease is up, the building is being sold, and it is time for me to let go. 

You are all in my heart. My pandemic people - there are no words to describe my devotion to you. You got me through. I am ever thankful to you. Becky and Brenda - never enough words. I will always cherish the moments and memories I have had with you and hope that I have given you something in return.