Moving to YouTube!

It's been a challenge - to put it mildly - living with Facebook. It worked like a charm until a month ago. I posted live videos. People got alerts. People watched them. They posted in my feed. People watched them not live. And then a month or so ago it all vanished. No explanation. No notice. Two videos have just vanished. Including last week's. 

As Facebook offers no option to get customer support - I'm at a loss. And I'm realizing that as I feared, I'm putting too much power in Facebook's hands. And they don't care about me. 

Starting this week (learning on the fly here) I'll be posting all videos to YouTube and writing about them and posting them on my website at this blog here. I will also share on Facebook - but they will be on YouTube moving forward. 

I hope you keep watching! 

Here's May 25th's video as a teaser of how these will show up moving forward: