March 21st and Here is the Highlight's Video

This video has a a collection of fun items, including Harley Davidson boots. But frankly it was such drama to get it all working that I can't even remember the highlights. What happened? Well. Let me tell you.
Someone knocked on the door mid video - I paused. Answered the door. Returned. Turned out video not paused. Figured out how to "add on". I think. Created what seemed like one video.
So then had to export video and recreate video and blah blah blah. A lot of time passed. Let's just say that.
I've forgotten everything. There was a gnome mug. A vintage velvet dress. A brand new Kate Spade satchel. So much more. But my brain has grown tired trying to get this to upload. I've forgotten it all. Watch. Learn. Tell me.
Thank you, as always, for watching.