Just In has landed April 19th AND Spin The Wheel this Saturday!

It was all about dresses again today! Tons of great choices - we are really overloaded with dresses - but yes, it’s true, we are going to Spin the Wheel this Saturday! Why not try your luck at the wheel AND snag some new dresses??

Also: I’m experimenting with a shorter video, even though I didn’t get home any earlier as a result. Let me know - I see most of you on average watch about 15 minutes and I get that. I have no time - and with the weather improving we’re more inclined to head out doors. I’m thinking shorter videos (15 minutes) of highlights right now or even splitting up the selection - doing a dresses video, then a short tops one or just an accessories video. I don’t know! Spring has sprung and I feel like experimenting, so chime in and give me your thoughts and ideas!

Hope to see you soon!