Highlights' Video May 28th!

Today is, once again, a lot of stuff. And shoes. A lot of shoes. A ton of handbags again next week, but this week. Shoes. It ebbs. It flows. Oh! And the thing I could not remember the whole video that I needed to tell you was: the video next week will be Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

I could not remember during the video. Remembered it when I got home after an incredibly lengthy drive due to accidents. It is our wedding anniversary - 30 years. Tuesday. While it was a debate - divorce? or anniversary day? Brenda stepped up and saved the day! It will not be divorce - but an anniversary day. Brenda! Marriage saved!

Also weirdly I think I look angry in the photo AND like the dress form is wearing a weird dress. Odd. Ends. Nutcrackers. June next week it is!


Reminder: We have paused on new consignor appointments until August. Existing consignors can call in and still get appointments. If you need to get your summer stuff in - call us. We will again be gearing down on appointments for a couple weeks early July - just to give us a breather, catch up, and me to visit with my parents.