Highlights' Video for January 23, 2024 is here!

I cleaned up (most) of the back on Saturday and have a new layout for the video. Had to adjust as I was getting mildly nauseous doing a circle from the rack - but I made it work! And no emergency call on the phone this time! I. CAN. LEARN. You may spot some AWESOME tall boots on that back rack and indeed they are - Freebirds Size 9. A nearly new Stetson hat to on that rack. Many great sweaters, some Christmas cat pajamas I really really want but I just got Christmas pajamas and so much more. We're are continuing to get in amazing items who cares if it's January!

Don't forget we're having celebrate the world spin the wheels this year - and we're celebrating Australia Day this Friday! Stop on by! Spin The Wheel! Or wait for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Or do both! Why NOT???? It's 2024 and this year anything goes.